4 way stretch chaîne et trame bi-élastique en

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Created at the end of the 1980's, ESF (European Stretch Fabrics) offers innovative textile products with a wide range of elasticized fabrics, in addition to custom made projects.

Since 1988 Olympics in Seoul, ESF dress up many athletes, and continues to developnew technical solutions foradvanced textiles.

The Aquatech® concept was born from competition and is now used in a wide range of sporting applications such as the triathlon, surfing,swimming, walking, cycling, sports shoes, climbing, dancing, adventure treks, etc.

Its performance is also recognized in the world of fashion for men, women, expectant mothers, medical and many other applications!

All ESF fabrics incorporate a Warp and Weft structure: Aquatech® woven technology, combined with PAYEN innovation, offer the finest quality, and unique properties.

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